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    Why IT Overhead ?

    Solutions for a small planet

    IT Overhead always working for growth of small business planet. Solution for all the technical glitches that your devices may face in daily life. Find complete IT managed services under a roof.

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    Why IT Overhead ?

    Avail Our Services – Save Yourself from Downtime

    Time is money and we are dependent on our technical devices to win this race against the time. Run toward IT Overhead for complete IT managed services under a roof.

Welcome to Our IT Overhead

Business Managed Better with Managed IT Services

itoverhead services We are living in a digitized world. Right from Information to communication, everything is translating itself into the binary language of zero and one. 24x7 we are surrounded by certain devices which translate this Binary language into a language of communication for us. Your laptops, Tabs smart phones and PCs are doing this job 24 x7 for you. Internet has become an omnipresent source of artificial intelligence for us. With each passing minute, our dependence on these gadgets and devices are increasing. Internet has become new life oxygen for us to survive and function. You always need a backup plan ready if something goes wrong with your devices.

Let the Technical Mavens Do the Job for You!

itoverhead servicesIT overhead is a leading Tech support and managed IT Services Company which is dedicated to ensure round-the-clock service of your devices for you. We understand the importance of these devices in your life and this is why we have created this set up where we can entertain your complaints @ SOS urgency and utmost precision. IT overhead is a company which has created this one-stop-shop to take care all your maintenance and repair needs. Just like internet we are also available and accessible 24x7 to attend your repair calls.

No More Struggles with Software and Hardships with Hardware!

Your device is run on two platforms, first is the hardware and second is the software. Our experts are well versed in both the areas and most of them are capable of taking care of all the minor and major faults that may trouble you. Our well trained executives are all-rounder experts of digital devices that surround you and conduct your day-to-day affairs for you. Right from complex networking needs to the simple printer cord replacements we can provide every service on a single call from your side. Do contact us in case of emergency we are just a call away.

The Corporate Ambit of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing helps us use various software and other software related services without running those software as well as the huge data storage servers in-house. We are an IT Managed Service Provider company that gives you an external podium to run your software as well as the data servers externally.

Benefits to Venture into the “CLOUD”

  • Cost reduction in the long term basis
  • Removal of unnecessary costs incurred otherwise on in-house software, hardware and data storage
  • Enhanced data security with secured off-site backup
  • Greater business functionality with a focus on operations in-house
  • Round-the-clock helpdesk service


Our IT Managed Services will Let You Venture into the "Cloud" Very Smoothly

We can act as a mentor for your business escorting you to venture into the “cloud” easily, smoothly and comfortably. We are laden with state-of-the-art infrastructure and are equipped with nouveau technology to provide you with the services including IT managed cloud services which will improve your business manifolds and also provide you with the much-needed assistance during any man-made disasters or any natural calamities.

Our Services Potpourri

  • We take care of all your hardware and software related issues providing you with smooth-steering top-class services
  • We provide a secure IT hub which hosts almost all related cloud computing services under one roof at low-cost monthly payouts
  • Out backup services ensure quick disaster recovery at no additional costs
  • Our efficient data centers are reliable, readily accessible, and efficient enough to handle even magnified number of data requests
  • Our Managed Exchange Services are always up-to-date and independent requiring minimum to no external intervention
  • Our support is always up on their feet and accessible 24/7


Our Services

ITOVERHEAD provides Managed IT support and Services for individual owners or SMBs.. We are counted amongst the excellent technical support providers. Our company is providing productive services support to their clients as per their needs at greatest satisfaction level at economical prices.

Desktop/Laptop Services

IT Overhead provides a vast range of services to help you keep your systems, desktops, laptops and other equipments run smoothly and remain updated.
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Printer Services

Along with the increase in the use of laptops and desktops, there has been a remarkable increase in printing and thereby printers.
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Network Services

There is always a need of professional and experienced technician that can solve all your problems related to network.
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Hardware Services

Hardware problems are not only costly to repair but also are very frustrating. Such problems can eat up your quality time and leave you helpless till mended.
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Hosted Email/SPAM Services

Now a day’s Email or Spam hosted service is considered as one of the most important valuable resources for several companies.
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Cloud Services

A revolution is taking place in business IT infrastructure. The growing need to find more efficient and effective ways to store and share data has led many businesses to adopt cloud services.
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VOIP Phone Services

Today, key to communication is IP Telephony. Implementation of VOIP services enables the customer to connect multiple locations across the globe effectively.
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Desktop/Laptop Services

Computer Support Services is a vast range of services offering assistance with technology products such as Printers, Computers, Laptops or other gadgets.
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