LAN/Network Services

Networking with you for The Best Quality Network Services

lan network servicesNetworking of computers is an altogether different ball game. You need a thoroughly professional and experienced technician to deal with such issues. IT Overhead understands this fact, and we have our own share of networking experts who can help you both online and offline regarding the troubles that you may encounter within your network. We provide online support for all types of routers and DSL. Our methods are very simple as we first diagnose the problem in your network, then resolve it thoroughly, and bring it back to life.

We understand that Networks and FTP’s are designed to save precious operational time for you, and in some cases, this time can also be translated into money. So, here to help you out with your networking issues, we can setup some secured yet transparent networks for you where your organization can work in tandem, and your employees can stay connected with each other almost certainly.

lan network services Our networking experts are always on a standby to attend your SOS calls, and you can easily contact us on our helpline which is functional 24X7. You can email us; you can have a chat with us, and our experts can help you out at any time of the day irrespective of your geographical location through remote access. We provide the following services either by call, email or live chat by our expert technicians:

  • Installation of router
  • Upgradation of the software
  • Tools and repairs to increase the speed of internet
  • Handling and resetting of the password of router
  • Clashes of various IP addresses