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    Why IT Overhead ?

    Solutions for a small planet

    IT Overhead always working for growth of small business planet. Solution for all the technical glitches that your devices may face in daily life. Find complete IT managed services under a roof.

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    Why IT Overhead ?

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    Time is money and we are dependent on our technical devices to win this race against the time. Run toward IT Overhead for complete IT managed services under a roof.

Terms & Conditions

This is a legal “Agreement” between you and IT overhead for use of the services offered at IT overhead “You” refers to the individual who availed the services of IT overhead and/or provided his or her credit card/cash/online payment/draft or any other payment mechanism for listed services. This term is also applicable for services being purchased on behalf of an entity by an individual sanctioned to buy services in support of such entity.

Under any circumstances, if you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement, go to “Cancel” button and click on it. Any software connected with the ‘Services’ at IT overhead is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties. The organization is also protected by laws and treaties governing intellectual property

The Services

IT overhead will provide services in line with this agreement policy. The organization at its sole discretion may change or modify the features of the services now and then without prior notice.

Responsibility for Content of Communications

You agree that you are solely accountable for the content of all visual, written or audible communications sent by you. You are also solely responsible for content communications started by you in IT overhead sessions.

You agree that you will not use the services to post unsolicited business e-mail outside your company or organization. You also agree not to violate the applicable law. Additionally, you agree not to use the services to exchange a few words or send any message or material that is:

  • Harassing
  • Libelous
  • Threatening
  • Indecent
  • Obscene
  • Indecent

You will also restrict yourself from sending material that inspires or evokes criminal offense, under any applicable law or regulation. IT overhead possesses rights to delete any such communications if IT overhead becomes aware of, at any time without prior notice.


You agree that IT overhead may charge you via cash, credit card or any other mode of payment selected by you and approved by IT overhead. IT overhead will charge you for all amounts due and owing for the Services. This includes the following listed below:

  • Service fees
  • Set up fees
  • Overage fees
  • Subscription fees
  • Conferencing fees
  • Any other fee associated with Your use of the Services

IT overhead may change prices at any time without prior notice. You agree that in the event IT overhead is unable to collect the fees owed to IT overhead for the services through ‘Your’ Account, IT overhead may execute any other steps it deems essential to collect fees from you. You further agree that you will be solely responsible for all expenses incurred by IT overhead with reference to such collection activity, including the following:

  • Collection fees
  • Expenses related to court
  • Fees of attorneys

Proprietary Rights

IT overhead and/or its suppliers, as appropriate, preserve ownership of all proprietary rights in the services and in all trademarks, trade names, and service marks linked to or put on view with the services.

You under any circumstances will NOT remove, spoil or obscure any of IT overhead’s or its suppliers’ following incorporated therein, or associated with the Services:

  • Copyright notices
  • Trademark notices
  • Legends
  • Other proprietary notices

You may not render null and void, create, reverse compile or otherwise trim down to human readable form any software associated with the services.


You may at any point of time, terminate this agreement via providing written notice to IT overhead. The notice can be sent through e-mail at:
support@ itoverhead.com
Such termination will be effective on the later of:

(i) The last day of the term (in the event where your agreement has a fixed term)
(ii) 30 (THIRTY) days after IT overhead’s receipt of your written termination notice.
(iii) If you fail to adhere to any provision of this Agreement, IT overhead may terminate this Agreement instantly without prior notice.

Upon termination of this Agreement, You must stop any further use of the Services. You must also destroy any copies of associated software within your possession and control.

Injunctive Relief

You accept that any usage of the Services differing to this Agreement, or any sublicensing, relocation, copying or revelation of technical information or materials linked to the services, may cause permanent injury to IT overhead, its suppliers, affiliates, and any other party certified by IT overhead to resell, distribute, or endorse the Services (“Resellers”).

You further agree that under such circumstances IT overhead, its affiliates, suppliers and Resellers will be free to:
Equitable relief sans posting bond or other security. This includes but does not limit to, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.

No Warranties

YOU appreciate as well as consent that the SERVICES are supplied “AS IS” and IT overhead, its suppliers, affiliates, and resellers specifically repudiate all warranties of any kind, including sans limitation any warranty of merchant ability, non-infringement or fitness of a specific purpose.

MISCELLANEOUS – Choice of Law and Forum

This Agreement shall be presided over by the laws of Unites States, as applied to agreements entered into and to be carried out in United States by residents of United States.

General Provisions

This Agreement represents the complete understanding and agreement between the parties with respect to the area under discussion of this Agreement and surpasses any and all previous understandings and agreements between the parties with regard to such subject matter.

IT overhead may change the terms of this Agreement at any point of time via posting customized terms on its official website. This Agreement has been organized in the English Language. Any non-English version of this Agreement is solely for adjustment purposes. All notices or other correspondence to IT overhead under this Agreement must be sent to the address mentioned in Section 7 above, or any other address as mentioned by IT overhead for such purpose. Any and all rights and solutions of IT overhead upon ‘Your’ breach or other failure to pay under this Agreement will be considered cumulative and not exclusive of any other right or solution bestowed by this Agreement/ law/equity on IT overhead. The exercise of any specific remedy will not rule out the exercise of any other. The captions and headings emerging in this Agreement are for orientation only. These will not be considered in interpret this Agreement.

Disclaimer: IT overhead is an independent service provider of remote tech support. Third party trademarks, brand names, products and services are used only for referential and informational purposes. We do not own any of the brands we support. Support is also available by HP, DELL, AOL, LENOVO, TOSHIBA, MICROSOFT, SAMSUNG, GMAIL etc. We hereby disclaim any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any such third party.